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Yay pics pics pics... Gorgeous lads **Part II - The Mission** !!!!!!!! - You're the closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me...

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October 25th, 2004

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11:53 pm - Yay pics pics pics... Gorgeous lads **Part II - The Mission** !!!!!!!!
Hello everyone *waves* ! Well meself and me mate Franny or nickshiningstar will be posting here some pics and thoughts bout sum of the men we fancy the most! So here goes sum of my faves... Fran posted hers too... Well here's the thing I like some of the guys she's got and she likes some of mine too but we did it this way so it was easier lol!!!! Enjoy it...

**First of all I'd like to post the picture of the best band ever, I just love this guys!!! The Backstreet Boys everyone :) **

**Huummm now my fave actor and one of the most handsome guy I've ever seen ... Benjamin Affleck **

** He's cute, he's Irish, he's Ronan Keating !! **

** He's fast and furious heheeh but most of all extremely gorgeous... Paul Walker **

** My fave F1 racer... David Coulthard **

** My fave singer, he's hot and he belongs to Dany heheh.. the hot AJ McLean **

** Aaww sweet like and Angel... yeah Ashley Angel **

** Hot hot hot... Mr David Beckham **

** Talking bout being hot... Blue boys themselves :P **

** The dirtier the better, Mr Brian McFadden looking real to me now hahah!! **

** You like them naughty? Well the naughtiest lad ever Mr Lee Ryan... Hot and Gorgeous! **

** Cant' help it... he's way too gorgeous one of my fave lads in the world Mr Kian Egan himself.. pointy years and all...**

** When they say this its cuz its true... GOTTA LOVE HOWIE !!! He's the sweetest thing!!! **

** Even bein' a bunch of country lads and doin' sum ridiculous things sometimes like the rat pack (sorry for those who like it)... I love them to death... Westlife everyone **

** And last but not least my baby, my angel, my everything, the sweet, the gorgeous Mark Feehily... **

And I'm done for tonight... enjoy it :P Lots of love... Mari
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Date:October 28th, 2004 01:01 pm (UTC)
Ooohhhhh I love all the pics hunny!! :^)

'Tis amazing though how out of so many Blue pictures out there we ended up choosing the same one to post... Gee I wonder why!? ;^)

Luv ya hunny!!


Frannie xxx

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